Topics of diploma thesis


  • Acoustics and aerodynamics measurements of road screens – analysis of phenomenon of the wind gust impact at the screens ends
  • Pedestrians wind comfort – in-situ measurements, wind tunnel model tests
  • Numerical simulations of wind flow over urban areas in programs: Comsol and/or Fluent
  • Simulations of flow around the buildings – validation of numerical simulations based on wind tunnel model tests
  • Simulation of vertical air movement between the layers taking into account smog effect
  • Turbulence simulations in the wind tunnel
  • Analysis of flow velocity measurement method with use of Irwin probe
  • Analysis of blockage effect in the wind tunnel

Acoustics and vibroacoustics

  • Measurement of sound insulation of layered and homogeneous structures
  • Comparison of values of partitions sound insulation and/or sound levels in rooms obtained according to out-of-date and current standards
  • Environmental acoustic measurements: acoustic screens, sound propagation in the environment, acoustic shutters, etc.
  • Measurements of room acoustic parameters, including measurements of reverberation time using various methods
  • Analysis of sound transmission in building construction
  • Scale acoustic measurements
  • Analysis of executive errors affecting the acoustic defect of the object
  • Analysis of the sound radiation coefficient of vibrating plates
  • Structural vibration measurements, results analysis and vibration reduction methods
  • Validation of various measuring systems for vibration measurement
  • Measurements of partitions sound insulation and analysis of the following formulation correctness: R + Lw = const
  • Room acoustics design in CATT Acoustics software
  • Sound insulation of non-homogeneous partitions
  • Environmental acoustics design in Cadna A software – propagation of industrial and/or traffic noise
  • Criteria of similarity in acoustic studies
  • Determination of flanking sound transmission through partitions based on in-situ measurements, computations in accordance with PN-EN ISO 12354-1 and PN-EN ISO 12354-2 standards, as well as ITB catalogs
  • Analysis of impact levels obtained using a “falling ball” – measurements and FEM analysis
  • Design and implementation of omni-directional sound sources on a scale
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